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Meet Delano, comes with an impressive track record of setting up the International Digital team for a boutique agency in Amsterdam. Delano’s whole career has been dedicated to helping fast-growing start- and scale-ups in Digital to hire excellent leadership talent, from Director to C-Level.

He’s a true specialist in his field, having successfully placed candidates across a range of functions including Sales, Revenue, Product, Engineering, Operations, Growth, and HR. Uniquely, he also was able to attain a particular strong network in (Emerging Markets) Fintech, Healthtech and Marketplaces. Delano’s extensive list of clients includes well-known companies such as FairMoney, Dr.Max, FCMB, DentalMonitoring, Wish, Ring, WeTransfer, Amazon, Just Eat TakeAway, GetYourGuide, and Indeed, as well as scale-ups like Carvolution, Magaloop and Zenjob.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam and a minor in BNLP, Delano brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We’re excited to see him leverage his skills to continue helping our clients build successful and dynamic teams.


Expertise, Languages and Region

Working directly with founders
PE & VC backed organizations
Particular experience in Fintech, Healthtech, Marketplaces & SaaS
Product, Tech, Sales, Marketing, Growth, General Management, HR


What our clients say about Delano Brand

Delano was an incredibly supportive and valuable partner throughout the whole recruiting process. Delano always provided immediate and transparent feedback at every step of the process, he was always available and deeply involved and even gave independent advice. What I valued most though, was his highly empathic style.
Marc Schumacher
Delano has become more than a close connection, has become a friend, a mentor and a bond.
Prashant Soni
Delano was an invaluable support for a Marketing Leadership search in the German market. He took the time to thoroughly understand the requirements of the role (which were many and most of them non-negotiable) and was able to provide strong profiles guaranteeing the progress of the search which had gotten to a stall before Delano took over.
Valentina Tortore


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