Head of Innovation

Darek Mlodnicki

Darek started his Executive Search related work in 2017. Since then he has been utilizing his technology- and online entrepreneurship experience to enable and support Consultants working within the Digital Economy. As the Head of Innovation at Key Search he focuses on keeping the company stay at the forefront of latest technologies and identifying new approaches to Executive Search, as well as other IT related work.

Previously, he founded a number of digital ventures, including an end-to-end audiobook publishing platform, a data exchange marketplace and multiple chart-topping mobile apps with a total of over 2 million users.

Darek received his Master’s Degree at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland.

Companies for which he helped bring top management hires to a successful closure include N26, Shopify, GetYourGuide, Preply, Quandoo, Zenjob, CommScope and Doctolib.

Expertise, Languages and Region



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