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As an Executive Search Firm, we empower businesses to find, attract, and secure talented leaders with the skills to drive success. How does Executive Search work and what benefits do hiring an executive firm offer? Find out more.

Recruitment Service

Executive Search helps businesses across private, public, and non-profit sectors find the best leaders with specialized skills and experiences.

Key Leadership Positions

Executive Search teams locate and build connections with business leaders in various positions, including Sales Directors and VPs, and C-Suite execs (e.g., CTOs, CMOs, and CFOs).

Find exceptional Leaders

Businesses rely on Executive Search agencies to access exceptional candidates, ensuring the hiring of talented leaders with vital skills, innovative ideas, and expert insights.

When a company is growing or changing, it needs Executive Search to find top leaders.

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Positions we hire

Positions We Hire

Operations & general Management

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
General Manager
VP Operations


Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Communications Officer
VP Marketing
Growth Director
Marketing Director
Head of Marketing
Head of Growth

People & Culture

Chief HR Officer
VP People
Director of Human Resources
Director Talent Acquisition
Head of HR
Head of People & Culture


Chief of Staff
Chief Strategy Officer
VP Strategy
Head of Strategy


Chief Technology Officer
VP Engineering
Director of Engineering
Head of Engineering

Finance & Legal

Chief Finance Officer
General Counsel
VP Finance
Head of Finance
Head of Finance and Legal


Chief Product Officer
VP Product
Director, Product Management
Head of Product


Chief Sales Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
VP Sales
Commercial Director
Country Manager


Board Member
Non-Executive Director (NED)
Independent Advisory Boards
Board Representative

Meeting for executive search

Why Hire An Executive Search Firm?

Executive search is a recruitment service that helps businesses across private, public, and non-profit sectors find the best leaders with specialized skills and experience.

You find more information in our article What Is Executive Search – Strategy, Process & Definition.

How we run Executive Search at Key Search?

Which companies benefit from Executive Search?

Executive Search benefits companies across various industries, sizes, and growth stages. Scaling businesses, in particular, stand to gain significantly from expert Executive Search services. In-house HR departments, often burdened with other responsibilities, may struggle to develop a comprehensive leadership hiring plan, especially in organizations with complex HR processes. Founders and start-up investors rely on Executive Search to assemble high-performing teams swiftly.

Similarly, organizations seeking to fill crucial C-Suite roles quickly can rely on dedicated firms to find exceptional replacements. Key Search caters to diverse sectors such as Digital Health, Consumer, Fintech, Hospitality Tech, eCommerce, and Enterprise, recognizing the industry-specific skills and soft leadership qualities required. Marketing, legal, financial, retail, and life science sectors are among those that frequently engage Executive Search firms.

3 tips when choosing an Executive Search firm

So you’ve chosen to commission a leadership search consultant. Great move. But how do you choose which is the right provider for you?

1. Consider what makes a firm special and a fantastic fit for your organization

Pricing: Especially important for start-ups, determine the cost of finding a candidate and how fees are paid. 

Contracting: Assess the firm’s contract terms and conditions. Targeted niches: Evaluate the specific industries or areas the firm specializes in.

Geographical activity: Understand the firm’s geographical reach and whether it aligns with your needs.

2. Check their Reputation

Don’t rush into a deal with the first Executive Search firm you find. Instead, research their background and reputation before you even approach them. Pay attention to reviews from previous or existing clients to learn more about their services and results.

Checking a firm’s client list will also offer an insight into the types of companies they work with. A team that performs Executive Search for clients spanning various sectors will have a strong blend of skills and contacts that you can benefit from.

3. Know who and what you're looking for

Do you have a clear vision of the leader you’re looking to hire? The more information you can provide a consultant, the more precisely they can tailor their search.

A detailed briefing and/or written document will help both parties better understand the parameters for success.

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Key Search has worked with some of the fastest-growing start-ups in the world and helped companies succeed in a number of sectors including eCommerce, Consumer, Digital Health, Fintech, and Hospitality Tech. Our team, maintain a network comprising thousands of skilled, experienced executive professionals. Our global reach and expertise in varied sectors uniquely positions us to find the talent organizations need.
About us

The Best Executive Search Experience.

Key Search is a boutique Executive Search firm with a unique track record in hiring top executives for well-known brands and start-ups in the digital space.






30 days

to shortlist








This timeline varies depending on the criteria involved, the number of viable candidates, and other key factors. From starting the search to successful completion Key Search aims to complete the hire within 12 weeks. Bear in mind, though, that it can take several weeks to build an impressive shortlist for a leadership position. You don’t want to rush such high-profile decisions. Key Search achieves more than 80+ high-profile leadership placements per year.

Executive Search, despite its boom, remains a fragmented market. With many thousands of providers, it is hard to choose the right one. Large multinationals usually work with the five giants: Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds Associates, Egon Zehnder, and Korn Ferry. This quintet, known as the “Shrek” firm are specialized in hiring for large corporate conglomerates.

Boutique firms like Key Search with deep expertise in specific industries are thriving within their sectors with a dedicated focus. There are also a huge amount of individual consultants sometimes known as cowboy’s since, as one puts it, “anyone can buy a computer, get a LinkedIn license and call themselves a search expert”.

Yes. Applicants must come with a specific track record, continuous career growth, and specific key hiring criteria as per the agreement with the client to ensure they’re suitable for the position in question. Furthermore, Key Search validates each selected candidate with a psychometric assessment that gives additional insight into the candidate’s behavioral and also cognitive skillset. It is an additional step the candidate takes in parallel to the interviews and helps to evaluate the job fit in much more depth, especially in times of remote hiring.

Key Search conducts in-depth market mapping to identify candidates with the right track record, skills, and qualifications for a leadership position from a specific sector. Thanks to their domain expertise and deep network, the consultant reaches out to those who normally would not actively seek a position but are high potential leaders. Through a deep understanding of their client’s needs, Key Search is able to attract candidates the client would normally not be able to hire with their own efforts.

If you are still not sure which hiring solution is the best fit for your company, please contact one of our Directors. We will be happy to assist you.