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Maren Marcelis

Maren is one of our newest Partners for Key Search in the US, based in the heart of technology and innovation in sunny California. She has worked in recruitment since the early 2010s, building and leading talent acquisition teams for technology companies. She is an avid traveler and has lived in various countries, and she merged that passion for going across borders with her career by working for OTAs like and GetYourGuide. The intertwining thread between travel and recruiting is the value that comes from meaningful connections, and Maren lives by this philosophy, building genuine relationships that provide long-term value for both clients and candidates.

During her career she recruited for roles across the technology spectrum – from engineering and product roles to sales and finance leadership. This versatility puts her in a great position to quickly understand complexities at play in client organizations. Her natural focus on coaching and years of experience working with senior leaders enable her to ask the right questions in order to thoroughly understand needs and preferences. She is driven by curiosity and likes to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and developments in the tech ecosystem.  Maren has a Master’s of Science degree in Social Sciences from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.  

Maren Marcelis

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