Navigating the Challenges of Executive Search: Culture Fit and Onboarding

Unlocking Success in Executive Recruitment with Key Search

Contents In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, finding the right leadership can feel like an insurmountable task. As an executive search firm, Key Search specializes in connecting early-stage startups and scale-ups with top-tier talent, ensuring a perfect match that drives growth and success. Through our years of experience, we’ve identified key challenges and developed […]

Young startups, seed-stage, first C- hire

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Contents Mastering Early-Stage Talent Acquisition: Strategies for Seed-Stage Hiring As startups navigate the treacherous waters of early growth, securing the right talent becomes a critical mission. The journey from seed-stage hiring to building an effective founding team can make or break the future of a startup. Ioanna, a seasoned consultant at Key Search, shares her […]

Exploring Psychological Triggers and Diversity in Leadership

Discover how psychological triggers impact decision making and the importance of diversity in leadership

Contents In our increasingly polarized world, where the blend of politics and corporate values often leads to contentious discussions, and expressing opinions feels perilous, the role of psychological triggers in decision-making becomes particularly significant. At Key Search, our extensive experience in digital, fintech, and marketplaces has equipped us to navigate these complexities with a keen […]

Strategic Agility in a Time of Volatility: A Practical Guide

Strategic Agility in a Time of Volatility: A Practical Guide

Contents At Key Search, we have the privilege of working with tech founders and executives around the globe. From our position as a strategic talent partner, we’re able to observe common challenges our clients are faced with, and the approaches that lead to success, or compound obstacles. A change in the psyche One notion is […]

The Future of Financial Executives in Crypto: An Optimistic Vision and Strategic Guide

Future of CFO on Crypto

Contents Optimistic Vision for 2024: Crypto’s Bull Market and Its Impact At Key Search, our role as executive search consultants places us at the forefront of a transformative era in finance. With a deep-rooted expertise in market trends and talent acquisition, we’re witnessing firsthand the profound impact of cryptocurrency on the financial sector. This groundbreaking […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Woman’s Guide on How to Become a CEO

how to become a CEO as a woman

Contents In the quest to understand the journey of leadership, the narrative of how to become a CEO as a woman, stands out with its unique challenges and inspiring successes. Over years of exploration in the executive search realm, I’ve been privileged to engage in discussions with numerous female leaders who’ve navigated this path. These […]

Empowering Journey: Inside the World of Female-Led Businesses

Success of female-led businesses

Contents Women of Empowerment Joining Key Search GmbH was a turning point for me. As a woman in the tech industry, navigating the often male-dominated landscape, but stepping into Key Search felt like entering a different world. Here, female leadership was celebrated. Witnessing the success of our female leaders, their confidence, and their ability to […]

Invest in Women: Let’s Accelerate the Progress

Bridging the gender gap in tech

Contents Closing the Gender Gap in Tech Together As we celebrate Women’s Month 2024 under the banner of #InspireInclusion, let’s seize this opportunity to address a critical issue that resonates deeply with us: closing the gender gap in tech. This topic is vital because every discussion we initiate and every step we take propels us […]

Solutions for Executive Search Ghosting: The No-Show Dilemma

The no-show problem in executive hiring

Contents In the executive search industry, we are increasingly confronted with a significant challenge that has sparked extensive discussion: Candidate Ghosting, also known as the ‘NO SHOW’ problem. This phenomenon occurs when candidates, after agreeing to a job offer and signing a contract, decide to withdraw their commitment. The issue tends to emerge either just […]

Leadership Revolution: C-Suite’s Journey into Hybrid Territory

C-Suite roles in modern business

Contents You’ve probably heard about the buzz of C-suite roles are getting a major makeover. It’s not just about titles anymore; it’s about the fusion of expertise and roles. We at Key Search have been keeping a close eye on this trend, and it is a rather exciting one. Staying on top of this trend […]

Decision-Making in a Purpose Driven Company

Decision Making BLOG Banner

Contents PwC As the focus on purpose moves to the top of the list for the vast majority of business leaders, it is connected to the leadership decision making process only 34% of the time. How does decision-making in purpose driven companies differ from decision-making in other organizations?  In purpose driven companies, the  guidepost for […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): The Future of Money?

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Contents As the world becomes more digital, it’s no surprise that central banks are exploring the possibility of issuing their own digital currencies.  Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) have been in the works for a few years now, but it’s only in the past year that they’ve gained real traction, with several countries announcing that […]

Emotional Intelligence: Why is Empathy Important in the Workplace?

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Contents A look at how to bring the benefits of emotional intelligence to the workplace We’ve all been there. That moment when we had to bottle up our emotions in order to conform to the “work persona.” We put on a brave face and pretended like everything was okay, even when it wasn’t. This isn’t […]

The New Tech Hemisphere

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Contents A chance for developing countries to catch up? Do you ever wonder why, despite rapid advances in technology, there seems to be a wide gap between developed and developing countries? With modern digital tools becoming more accessible than ever before, it’s only natural to question whether the new tech hemisphere is an opportunity for […]

Financial Wellness for Employees


Contents Financial wellness is becoming more important for employees as time passes. Financial burdens from loans and debt to funds for retirement and children’s education are a reality for many – and the time to create a sound financial plan is not infinite.  In this article, we will look at the reality of money stress […]

Funding Challenges for Female Founders

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Contents The Road to Securing Startup Funding for Female Startup Founders: Challenges, Bias, Gender Gap. Female startup founders face unique challenges when trying to secure funding for their businesses. Despite the progress that has been made towards gender equality in the business world, there is still a significant gender gap in funding for female entrepreneurs. […]

Approach Toward Mental Health on Generation Z

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Contents Digital Health: New Approach Toward Self-care As the world emerges from the pandemic, it is becoming apparent that Generation Z were disproportionately affected by isolation and lack of connection to peers.  Teens are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues due to long periods of school absence, abrupt changes in friendship groups, and […]

Climate Technology Companies

climate technology

Contents Director at Key Search “Climate-conscious founders are working hard to help solve serious, all-affecting problems through their companies.  They need our ear and support at all levels because they are fighting everybody’s fight.” From investors to employees to the general public, the support for climate technology companies that deliver climate change innovations is as much on […]

Digital Health Growth

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Contents Digital health is experiencing substantial growth through the implementation of new tools, software and services that serve to improve and modernize our healthcare system. New technology around the capabilities of smartphones and wearables, the aspect of convenience, flexibility and availability of these devices, and the prevalence of long-term and chronic illnesses move digital health […]

Long Term Incentive Plans


Contents The Benefits of LTIPs for Startups Long-term incentive plans (LTIPs) are increasingly popular among startups as a way to incentivize and retain key employees. LTIPs offer numerous benefits for startups, from helping them attract top talent to increasing productivity and loyalty in the workplace. By offering their employees equity in the company through an […]

Principle Fit: When you believe in what you do everyday

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Contents Digital health is experiencing substantial growth through the implementation of new tools, software and services that serve to improve and modernize our healthcare system.  New technology around the capabilities of smartphones and wearables, the aspect of convenience, flexibility and availability of these devices, and the prevalence of long-term and chronic illnesses move digital health […]

The Home Team

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In young families it seems to become increasingly unique: the ‘one income family household’. It has become more and more mainstream in the west to have both parents working. Besides that, we’re having less kids (population by age and demographic) and waiting longer to have them. These factors, not excluding others, have certainly aided in […]

Technology and Politics – A look at influence, impact and implications

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Technology and Politics A look at influence, impact and implications As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology, independent information could be accessed in the most remote parts of the world. It is hard to imagine a society where access to information, most notably the internet, is restricted. Contents Leveraging Technology for Politics The tech […]

Reasons to join a company

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Why Join A Company? Reasons to join a company for employees. Reasons for employers to adjust what they offer. Contents To recruit talent across industries, it’s important to first understand what drives employees out of their current jobs and what it takes to attract and retain them in a new role and company.  As a […]

The need for data safety

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How candidates can manage their own data in the recruitment process In today’s job market, data safety is a top priority for all candidates. With so much personal information being shared and stored during the recruitment process, it’s important for candidates to know the details. How can they manage their own data? How is it […]

The Global Venture Capital Pullback

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The investment landscape for startups in 2023 is a rapidly evolving, ever-changing environment. With venture capital (VC) investments in a steep decline across markets and regions by the end of 2022, we saw a venture capital pullback worldwide. The competition for VC funding has become fierce, with investors looking to invest only in the most […]

From red to teal organizations: what has changed and what is next?

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In the last decade, the way organizations were run has changed drastically. As technology and customer needs to evolve, so do the ways we run organizations. Over the past decade, teal organizations have been on the rise as an alternative to traditional organizational structures. We’ve seen a growing trend, but what is a teal organization? […]

Remote Work: Leading Remote Teams

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A look at data and best practices for managing remote teams successfully During the pandemic, the large majority of the global workforce was forced to work from home. Two things became apparent: remote teams were able to work together, create, supply and service other cities, countries and continents. It also became apparent that isolation, loneliness […]

Data Security and Confidentiality in Executive Search

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With the ever-growing importance of data privacy, it’s no surprise that confidentiality is a major concern for companies conducting executive searches. But what steps can you take to ensure that your search stays confidential? In this blog article, we’ll explore some best practices for data security in confidential executive search. Contents Executive Search and Data […]

The Purpose of a Job

The purpose of a job by KeySearch

From company to candidates – why purpose is a priority Times have changed – after two years in a pandemic, an ongoing war, economic and climate crises, a job is no longer a job. Everyone has been talking about the “Great Resignation” and why people have quit jobs in droves. While many factors have played […]

Soft Skills of a Leader: 3 Effective Soft Skills Required for Today’s Leaders

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Since 2020, we have faced one new crisis after another and we have found ourselves in an eternal period of uncertainty. This means leaders need to adapt and adapt quickly. We are all looking to our leaders to help us navigate these difficult times. Contents What are Leadership Soft Skills? In addition to the measurable […]

How To Hire A CEO That Will Make Your Start-Up Founder Love You


Why is the relationship between autonomy-craving founders and goal-setting investors turbulent at times? It doesn’t need to be. After all, both founders and investors alike want their companies to succeed. And for that to happen, the start-up needs a dedicated CEO. I’ve found that even the most resistant of founders can come to appreciate, and […]

Entrepreneur Quotes

Start-up Glossary_Startup Glossary

The startup terminology you need to know at a glance Whether you are looking for specific startup terms or you are new to the world of startups and are trying to find out what you need to know, we have put together this startup glossary to help you. This startup term sheet defines and explains […]

TNW Talk: New Markets & Talents – How not to mess up your international expansion!

TNW - KeySearch & WeGrow - SpeedInvest and WeTransferSpeakers

Imagine: 7 out of 10 companies fail due to wrong scaling. You have the product, you conquered your home market, proven yourself, and now finally got the funding to expand your company internationally. How to do this right? Learn together with WeTransfer and Speedinvest, Key Search and weGrow International tips on how to avoid pitfalls […]

Health and Wellbeing

Woman employee relaxing sitting on a sofa in the office

Can Wellbeing be Defined? While wellbeing is in part based on your own perception, it is also based on measurable statistical factors that contribute to the overall wellbeing of employees and leaders alike. This concept extends far beyond the individual and into every level of organizations. A successfully implemented wellbeing strategy results in a measurable […]

Executive Recruiting: 8 takeaways to successfully find the next leader

Executive recruiting

The process of hiring the correct executive for a leadership position is often harrowing, time-consuming, and exhaustive. Depending on the size of a business, these searches can last months or even years. The number of incredibly talented executives is small, and recruiting them away from their current positions is difficult. The use of private executive […]

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment: Should Leaders be Shaped or Acquired?

Talent aquisition vs. recruitment

It goes without saying that when it comes to your employees, you want to attract the cream of the crop. The question is, do you want them to grow with the company, or come to the table with a specific skill set already in place? Fortunately, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Let’s […]

Why you need a CEO to help your startup meet its growth targets

Hire a great CEO

Let me ask you a question: why did you start your business? Was it to explore an innovative idea that wouldn’t stop buzzing around in your mind? Did you feel compelled to help solve a customer’s problems better than your competitors? Were you overstretched as a sole trader and suddenly needed a team? These are […]

4 traits of a COO who can scale a startup fast

COO traits

How do you characterize a startup COO? A “pressure release valve” or the “right-hand person” for the CEO? Someone who organizes and aligns the company-wide team? Sure, but their potential could (and should) go way beyond that. Rapport with the CEO is essential. But, in my experience, there’s a menu of other traits VCs and […]

5 ways to hire quality leadership for your start-up

quality leadership

Founding and running a start-up is incredibly rewarding, but no one would argue that it’s easy. Employees and your investors alike look to you as the decision-maker and tactician. Hiring the right leadership is usually urgent and high-stakes at the same time. When your start-up is scaling up, time is of the essence and the […]