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Climate Tech Startups Drive Climate Change Innovations

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“Climate-conscious founders are working hard to help solve serious, all-affecting problems through their companies. 

They need our ear and support at all levels because they are fighting everybody’s fight.”

From investors to employees to the general public, the support for climate technology companies that deliver climate change innovations is as much on the rise as it is urgently needed.

What is Climate Tech?

Climate tech startups and climate tech companies are focused on solutions that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or that address the impacts of global warming. Climate tech companies are an important and effective pillar in mitigating climate change.

Climate tech startups and their applications and solutions can be grouped as:

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Why Do We Need Climate Change Innovations?

The bad news is that the most problematic aspects of climate change come from a vast range of man-made problems. Market demand and overconsumption result in pollution, deforestation, extinction, food and water insecurity and extreme weather, to name a few. 

The need for climate technology to combat climate change is backed by research and current events and has seen a rise in climate technology startups across many industries. 

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This is where investors, founders, employees and everyone across the globe come together around climate tech startups, purpose-driven companies that work towards solutions and products that benefit the climate by lowering emissions or adapting to the changing climate. 

The latest numbers in 2022 show that climate tech investors and venture capitalists are increasingly investing into the climate change innovations of climate tech startups.

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Climate Technologies – Focus Areas at a Glance

Which climate technologies are on the rise? We’ve created an overview:

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Climate Technology – Startups at a Glance

Europe is becoming a hot spot for climate technology startups. Data from Dealroom shows the currently fastest-growing climate tech companies across different sectors and technologies across Europe. We’re highlighting some very successful startups to show the breadth of startups with climate technology products:

1. Field: Clean Energy, Battery Storage

London-based battery storage company Field is working on climate tech to store energy to create a greener grid. 

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2. Enpal: Clean Energy, Rent-to-own Solar Panels

One of the first contenders in Germany’s solar startup scene is Berlin’s Enpal with a rent-to-own system that eliminates high up-front costs. 

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3. Sweep: Software for Carbon Data & Analysis

French startup Sweep helps companies understand their carbon footprint, offering tools to track and act on it.

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4. Cake: Sustainable Mobility, e-Motorcycles

Headquartered in Stockholm, Cake offers a range of light, modern motorcycles that can be used on and off road.

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5. FUL Foods: Climate positive drinks, Agri Food

Amsterdam-based FUL Foods creates climate-positive drinks through CO2 recycling, using nutritious algae that converts atmospheric CO2 into oxygen and nitrogen.

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Climate Tech Startups – Fueled by Demand

Director at Key Search

“Investors, VCs, and Consumers are all starting to get it – the rise in investments clearly reflects that. 

As a result of company growth, we see more and more employees seeking purpose-driven companies.”

A recent rise in the already growing climate tech market is spurred on further by global record heat waves and severe weather this summer and the war on Ukraine, causing the European need for energy independence. 

Together with undeniable scientific data that shows that the world needs to act now, founders, investors, employees and consumers are doing their part in helping climate technology companies succeed. Recent increases in climate technology startup founding and funding and growth despite the economic downturn shows that the mindset is shifting and climate innovations are on the rise.

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