Maren Marcelis

Maren Marcelis

Maren is one of our newest Partners for Key Search in the US, based in the heart of technology and innovation in sunny California. She has worked in recruitment since the early 2010s, building and leading talent acquisition teams for technology companies. She is an avid traveler and has lived in various countries, and she […]

Tiffany Sizemore


Meet Tiffany, our newest Director at Key Search and one of our first U.S. hires. With over 15 years of experience in RPO, in-house recruiting and Executive Search, she’s worked with Fortune 100 & 500 companies and fast-growing start-ups alike. Recently, she joined a Chicago-based tech recruiting firm, where she dove deeper into the VC […]

David Bizer


David is a Director at Key Search. He began his career in recruitment way back during the “dawn of the internet” running College/Graduate recruiting for Netscape in Silicon Valley. David has always worked in technology and has over 10 years’ experience focused exclusively on executive search. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, David has been based in Paris, France for over 20 years.

Franziska Palumbo-Seidel


Franziska is the CEO and Founder of Key Search. After 12 years of building up Digital Practices for international boutique agencies and working with some of the world’s most successful and ambitious technology companies, scale-ups, and venture capital firms she decided to bring Executive Search to the next level by building her own brand.

Eugenia Alvarez


Eugenia joined a global venture fund in 2018 and worked alongside the COO to develop internal operational processes to grow and scale the organization to invest in +100 startups. Eugenia’s efforts, alongside her team members and cofounders, made TheVentureCity a high-impact venture fund, attracting early-stage startups in Europe, USA, and Latin America. Her expertise in […]