David Bizer, Pawel Rogalski, Konrad Nowicki and Manu Carrizales join Key Search

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The Key Search Team is Growing – Meet the new Joiners

Basel, Switzerland, January 26, 2022–Following the one year anniversary that celebrated big results for boutique search firm Key Search, the company is growing. Four new team members join Key Search to take their success as an executive search firm for fast-growing startups to the next level. 

Key Search welcomes Directors David Bizer and Pawel Rogalski and Researcher Consultants Konrad Nowicki and Jose Manuel to the team. Each of the new joiners bring years of recruitment and research expertise in the startup industry to the company.  

Meet David Bizer, Director at Key Search

“Joining a company which places significant resources and investment into both technology and research is a huge draw for me. The service Key Search can provide to clients and candidates alike is not only exceptional but quite unique on the market..”

David Bizer, Director at Key Search

Starting his career during “the dawn of the internet”, David is a pioneer in global recruiting with a decade of experience focused exclusively on executive search in the technology sector. At Key Search, David is leading executive recruitment projects across Europe to help fast-growing startups scale and grow.

Prior to joining Key Search, David was the founder and CEO of Talent Fountain, held the position of Chief People Geek at one of Europe’s first startup accelerators, HackFwd, and helped Google grow from 100 to over 5000 employees in 7 years as their first Europe-based recruiter.

Meet Pawel Rogalski, Director at Key Search

“I always wanted to be close to the business, new trends and the people who create them. Joining Key Search means a modern approach to recruitment adjusted to a rapidly growing digital market. Together with an impressive digital platform for client interaction, Key Search’s vision is definitely aligned with my own.”

Pawel Rogalski, Director at Key Search

With more than 13 years of experience with a focus on management and executive roles, Pawel brings valuable expertise in recruitment services for local and international companies across multiple business sectors to his Director role at Key Search.

Prior to joining Key Search, Pawel worked at some of the top global executive search brands as well as recognizable local companies.

Meet Konrad Nowicki, Research Consultant at Key Search

“I joined Key Search because the company is lightyears ahead in technological innovations and the approach to recruitment. I believe this will be a great adventure for years to come.”

Konrad Nowicki, Research Consultant at Key Search

Konrad joins Key Search as a Research Consultant with experience across various sectors from finance and R&D to IT and telecommunications.

With a keen understanding of the human potential and his passion to help both individuals and organizations grow and develop, Konrad has delivered in-demand talent for mission-critical positions time and time again. 

Meet Manu Carrizales, Research Consultant at Key Search

“Working at Key Search is such a refreshing experience. They have developed a unique methodology that grants outstanding results, and provide the tools and the technology that allow for an excellent employee experience.”

Manu Carrizales, Research Consultant at Key Search

Joining boutique executive search firm Key Search, Manu brings experience in talent acquisition across sectors and all levels including C-suite members of organizations to his role of Research Consultant.

Prior to joining Key Search, he has successfully placed professionals and assisted in the set up of teams across IT, Privacy & Data protection at all levels for international clients.

Now a team of 14, the new joiners bring a lot of value to Key Search, enabling the boutique executive search firm to offer its progressive, highly adaptive approach to executive recruitment to even more innovative clients.

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