Experience Design in Executive Search

“When a recruiter identifies a great candidate, it’s time to approach them to present the new opportunity. Considering that these leaders are busy and are often not actively looking for another job, we need to make sure that we impress them with our very first interaction. That’s why we don’t write job descriptions, instead, we create a personalized candidate briefing document – and at Key Search, this is just the beginning.”

Barbara Ortins – former Creative Director at Key Search


Key Search brings a new design experience to executive search for our clients and candidates. Our entire approach to executive search differs and includes the key area of experience design to create a distinct and purposeful brand experience. 


Key Search uses the most progressive, digital tools available in leadership recruitment and matches them with tailored experience design. Our highly adaptive, digital approach embraces emerging trends, making it a perfect match for our innovative clients. 

At Key Search, experience design is created to shape a new and memorable candidate and client experience that is crafted to evolve with the fast changing world of executive search.

What is Experience Design?

A customer-centric experience that makes a brand memorable to their audience is at the core of experience design. By connecting and engaging with them, a company can convert brand awareness into brand loyalty.

Strategic planning and optimization for interactions with consumers is essential for experience design throughout our evolving interactions with clients and candidates as we conduct executive searches. While each interaction and each experience between Key Search and their clients and candidates is personal, experience design ensures a memorable and positive experience that turns brand awareness into brand loyalty. 

The right planning, optimization, and a good amount of empathy are our guidelines during our interactions with clients and candidates. This is essential for an excellent experience as we conduct executive searches. While each interaction and each experience between Key Search and our clients and candidates is personal, our “Key Experience” ensures a memorable and positive experience that brings us even closer. 

“Brand experience is the sum of all the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions that individuals have in response to a brand. Brand experience is not specific to a channel or media type.  Rather, it’s the result — or the lasting impression — that remains after someone encounters or engages with a brand in any environment.”

Source: Widen

Many aspects and touchpoints of a consumer experience contribute to how they view a brand. Within this, experience design is a core part of the brand experience and results in an individual’s brand perception. The brand experience at Key Search is led by our unique experience design and delivers a broad range of aspects that influence a positive and memorable brand experience, including:

  • online presence on our website and blog
  • online communication with clients and candidates
  • personalized materials for our candidate briefings
  • digital recruitment status tools for our clients

A Tailored Brand Experience - Why is it important?

As a boutique executive search firm, Key Search takes brand experience seriously across all the services we offer. Working remotely and interacting with clients and candidates all over the globe, our design experience frames every individual experience. It shapes our Key Search approach across all touchpoints and in every interaction with our brand.

Key Search Experience Design Values:

✅ A positive and memorable experience

✅ Personalized

✅ Appealing

✅ Engaging

✅ Recognizable

✅ Authentic 

✅ Credible

The Key Search Brand Experience Approach

Our Experience Design is related to our executive search services and the importance of psychology throughout this important and highly personal process.

Barbara Ortins - Creative Director

“A positive and outstanding Key Search Experience is part of our DNA. We want to make our candidates and clients feel cared for and as important as they actually are. Plus, we also want to impress them – we want our Key Experience to blow their minds.”

Barbara Ortins – former Creative Director at Key Search

What does our Key Experience look like:

For Clients

  • Our tailored experience attracts the best talents in the market.
  • Fully transparent search.
  • A supportive, closer relationship.


For Candidates

  • A clear and appealing introduction.
  • A one-to-one experience
  • Engagement before, during and after the search is ended.

At Key Search, We Hire Your Key Leaders

In times of change or growth, executive search is something every organization will need to attract top leadership talent. Leaders will drive, grow and shape your startup, leading your team towards long-term success. The search for talent is an important first step in ensuring your company is represented in the best possible way for key leaders who may not be actively looking for a new role. 

At Key Search, our team researches and creates a tailored experience for every company and every candidate to bring the best talent to your startup.  

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